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To all of you - OldSchoolers!
RafaruleZDate: Monday, 2015-10-12, 4:15 AM | Message # 1
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Hi everyone!

I felt like downloading CS2D (or this crap they nowadays call CS2D) to pass some time. Some things made me get nostalgic and remind me of the humongous amount of hours I've spent online, and met (even that virtually) good friends. For those who remember me, my name is Rafa - nickname Rulez, or RU13z, or R'Ru13z. You get the point. =P

I still recall most of your names, after passing my eyes on this website, forum, etc. Still remember how much fun and competition we had back then. It's a shame that our little game got his destiny marked for ruin, since they called the new "CS2d Max", as most of you, oldschoolers like me would agree. It's still very fresh in my memory, the amount of time iv'e spent, with Eco, SAS, Basti, Copey and more, on de_bridge - that map was bad ass. Getting snipey with you guys on de_cs2d. And even fighting my ass off with SAS on GunGame. I kicked his ass a lot of times =D

Also remember leading old BoW with Eco, and after it disbanded, i joined Wu, in which after so many hours of play and dialogue in-game, SAS almost insta-accepted me - i actually found my application to Wu xD As most of the members of this former clan, i agree to the fact that SAS was a great player and a good pal to hang around, even that virtually - and also, a great leader, hands down.

Then Max came along, and the game was ruined. For god sake, I could'nt even fullscreen it (yes, i had THAT level of crap machine back then).
But even with our lives going on, and the growing becoming part, there's still a mark on most of our childhoods. We were there guys. We were there ;)

For those of you who ever reach this message, i hope sincerely that all are doing well. Please do contact me if you want!


PS: I do have evidence of kicking SAS's butt on GunGame (unfortunately on Max - with a crappy computer) - cheers for you mate, for the good old times ;)


Oh well...

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alexspierckDate: Tuesday, 2015-11-24, 3:32 AM | Message # 2
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How long has it been now, almost 6 years. I don't really remember you much by i go by the name :Wu||.:Alex:. in this clan. And here i thought i was the only one checking up the forums from time to time looking for nostalgia, but looking back at my old posts it's just instant cringe. Gotta say my best bud has to be DOOOOOOOOM when it comes to CS2D, i still remember meeting him in and server where you defend yourself against dozens of bots. Wonder if anyone else browses this forum, if you're here respond guys.
avengaDate: Monday, 2017-11-20, 10:42 PM | Message # 3
.:Wu|| Veteran:.
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also I have SAS on twitter, I can actually contact him xD

USGN: avenga

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