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This is a record of the clan wars .:Wu Tang Clan:. has taken part in:
Gew-Heroes| Vs .:Wu|| Score: 11-13 .:Wu|| won!
Gew-Heroes| Vs .:Wu|| [Rematch] Score: 2-10 .:Wu|| won!
[TR-Storm] Vs .:Wu|| Score 4:14 .:Wu|| won!
.:Wu|| Vs KillCrazed.#[G]# Score 1:19 KillCrazed.#[G]# won
.:Wu|| Vs [Massive] Score 11:9 .:Wu|| won!
[Crazy] Vs .:Wu|| Score: 2-12 .:Wu|| won!
.:Wu|| Vs [LaG] Score 4:16 [LaG] Won

[Tuan] Vs  .:Wu|| Score 3-7 .:Wu|| won!

.:Wu|| Vs .:ReD[TeaM] Score 20-0 .:Wu|| won!
.:Wu|| Vs [ElfenLied] Score 5-0 .:Wu|| won!

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