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Instructions step-by-step:

1.Go to CS2D folder -> sys folder
2.replace the controls LST file with the one for you
3.Run CS2D
4.go to options -> controls
5.You should scroll all the way down till you see other blank commands.
6.put "Name change" command to F12.
put "Enemies above" to top arrow key, put "nemies Right" to right arrow key, put "nemies left" to left arrow key, put "Enemies Below" to bottom arrow key, put "Buy script" to F2, put "Ammo Kevlar Grens" to F3.

During Usage:

When you start your game, press F2 to have AK/M4, full kevlar, 2 flashes, and 1 hegren. If you won a round, press F3 to restore your ammo, armor and your grenades. Press F12 to display the 'Visit Wu' message. If you want to change your name, press F7 to change to your .:Wu|| name Also, if you see enemies, press the arrow keys to tell your teammates where you enemies are at. The current name default is |D|.:Wu||S.A.S Ninja.:cL:. , and this is what will appear when you use the name change facility. To change it to your name this is what you do.
! Please note that if you go into your options in-game you can easily change these controls to ones you prefer, or assign controls to functions not being used. !


1.) Simply go to the 'sys' folder in your CS2D folder.
2.) Find the 'Controls' file (link above), and right-click it
3.) Select 'Open With', and then select 'Notepad'
4.) From there, you can edit the name functions, the text function.. and etc. Just remember to save it, so it's done with. (so you replace |D|.:Wu||S.A.S Ninja.:cL:. with something else you want, then save before closing)

Warning: If you press F12 your name, and then press options, your name will return to your previous name before you pressed F12.

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it works! TXH THX

i click : bind ''X'' buyak47,kevlar+helmet,deagle,he,flashbang's / Nothing happens

i cant do it fuck....

i dont know lol i didn't make it, i jus editted it sad

it I just want to buy Kelvar 650 $ what should I do, I did it myself but it doesn't work biggrin

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