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Behavior - Inside Wu :

1º- All members must be active ingame and in our Forum;

2º- All members must be polite with each other and respect everyone;

3º- You must be assiduous (which means, to be participative in all events hosted by our clan) and punctual (be on time) on events scheduled previously;

4º- We expect from you 100% loyalty, we don’t loan players nor accept players “temporarely”;

5º- We expect from you honesty and humility.

6º- Respect your leader/vice-leaders decisions and give your tribute to make them work, if you disagree (and you can) post it on a appropriate thread of our forum.

Behavior – Outside Wu :

            1º- When playing you must use your clans tag (unless you want to play with an anonymous name) but note that is strictly forbidden to use another clan’s tag and if you caught doing so you’ll be immediately kicked.

2º- We expect that you treat others players with respect an be polite to then. We don’t tolerate any “shit talk” like calling other people “noobs” or any other kind of harassment.

3º- Never speak on behalf of your clan unless you were asked to do so by your leader/vice-leaders.

4º- You can never recruit someone into Wu and if someone asks if they can enter our clan give them our website address tell them to write an application on our forum.

5º- Its strictly forbidden to use any cheat or hack ingame, we are an anti-hack clan and if you are caught using any of this stuff you will be immediately kicked and ban from website, clan and servers and you will never be respected regarding CS2D.

6º- If you see anything suspicious we ask that you contact leader/vice-leaders so they can work out on thing.

Behavour in Foruns/shoutbox:

         1º - No caps or spam are allowed
         2º - No harrassment/racism of any kind
         3º - No verbal arguements ( if you want to argue do it via pm or inagame)
NOTE: IF any of the rules are broken you can be severaly punished

stay tuned for our rule page updates
your vice leader,
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