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After a request from Exxar_kun for .:Wu|| to start using ranking systems, we decided instead of using military ranking, we would use a custom Mafia ranking system and these are the ranks with the highest ranking being 1 and the lowest being 10 which is usually the starting point for all members.
All members are required to change their clan tag so it fits their rank. It is possible to move up the ranks through improvement, but also move down ranks through performance althought the cL and VcL do not change rank position as their is permanent and resembles leader position rather than rank.

1) Don/Leaders of the family - |D|.:Wu|| - cL & VcL.

2) Bastone/Boss - |B|.:Wu|| - Players skilled in evey aspect of the game.

3) Underboss - |U|.:Wu|| - Very skilled players.

4) Commando/ Capo - |C|.:Wu|| - Big improvement.

5) Enforcer - |E|.:Wu|| - Specific weapon specialist advancement from |S|.

6) Soldier - |S|.:Wu|| - After more improvement.

7) Piciotto/Button Man - |P|.:Wu|| - Evident improvement since joining.

8) Associate. - |A|.:Wu|| - New members.

9) Recruit - |R|.:Wu|| - Members recently recruited.

10) Web Designer - |wB|.:Wu|| - This rank is for our Web Designers of clan.
If new members are good enough they could start in higher ranks than |A|

As part of the new .:Wu|| Program, after mass recruitment is finished or sometimes during it, new members will be required to use the recruit tag like this:

Example: |R|.:Wu|| S.A.S Ninja
Rank 1: Tha Don/Boss - |D|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:

|D|.:Wu|| S.A.S KILLAH.::./S.A.S Ninja (Clan LEADER/Tha Don) 
|D|.:Wu|| Paz (Vice-Clan LEADER/Tha Boss]
Rank 2: Bastone/Boss - |B|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:
Rank 3: The Underboss - |U|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:

|U|.:Wu|| Vegasasu
Rank 4: The Commando/Capo - |C|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:
|C|.:Wu|| KillerAlex[RM]
|C|.:Wu|| Basti
|C|.:Wu|| Doom15 [vRM]
Rank 5: Enforcer - |E|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:
|E|.:Wu|| aKon
|E|.:Wu|| Gamerking
Rank 6: Soldier - |S|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:
|S|.:Wu|| Psycho.AuS 
|S|.:Wu|| §ubero

Rank 7: Piccioto/The Button Man - |P|.:Wu||

|P|.:Wu|| >A¢A<
|P|.:Wu|| §uicide.dE
Ranks 8: The Associate. - |A|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:

|A|.:Wu|| »ZuKeY«

Ranks 9: Recruits - |R|.:Wu||  /  .:Wu|| [R]  /  .:Wu|| +[R]+
Members Ranked:

|R|.:Wu|| .:d[Pezo]b:. 

Rank 10:
Web Designer - |wB|.:Wu||
Members Ranked:
Player Database

Ex-.:Wu|| Members (includes their rank):
|A|.:Wu|| Toaster
.:Wu||# ~ r4pt0r `+ [R]
|A|.:Wu|| #.CoRe#.
.:Wu|| §§Destroyer§§©®[R]
|A|.:Wu|| #GIB$ON#
.:Wu||LuKa*ShoW* [R]
|C|.:Wu|| ExTiiNcT.usA[RM]
|S|.:Wu|| T0xic$hirt  
|S|.:Wu|| NAsty«.usA
|C|.:Wu|| Clawz.cA
|U|.:Wu|| *phonet!c[vRM]
|R|.:Wu|| StreaK!.arG
|R|.:Wu|| xcc
|E|.:Wu|| Prayer [vRM]

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