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This clan was named after a very famous and successful rap music group also called 'Wu Tang Clan', and that is where i got the name from for those of you wondering. So its pretty easy for me to make a logo too xD.... . Anyway we are a CS2D clan and we play on both versions of the game but we are better on the newer version than the older one at the moment.
Why join .:Wu||, its simple really, we want to take all the good players who want to join us as well, and make them into great players. When you choose your clan you should bear in mind that it is not how good the players of the clan are, that makes the difference in a clan war, it is how well you work together as a team and achieve your goals.
We believe we can make any good player great as long as they listen to what they are told to do for their instructions. Our goals is be the biggest clan but also to have skilled players, so .:Wu|| is not just a CS2D clan, it is a community of players who enjoy the game so when they go on the game they can always have a partner or friends to talk to in the server.
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